Publications by Bradford J. Rodriguez

updated 25 Feb 2023 (added A Threaded Microprogram Machine)

A selection of papers I have published, seminars I have presented, and computer programs I have written, that are available on this site. Please note that many of the papers include illustrations -- your browser should support GIF files. Detailed drawings are sometimes offered as PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. Get Acrobat Reader

Moving Forth: a series on writing Forth kernels

This series originally appeared in The Computer Journal. Accompanying source code can be found on the CamelForth page.

Multiprocessing for the Impoverished: a multi-6809 system

This series originally appeared in The Computer Journal.

An Embedded Temporal Expert For Control of a Tandem Accelerator

My 1997 Ph.D. dissertation at McMaster University.

Summary articles.

Full text of dissertation.  These are all PDF files and require Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

PatternForth: A Pattern-Matching Language for Real-Time Control

My 1989 M.S. dissertation at Bradley University.

Full text of dissertation. These are HTML files with GIF images.

Miscellaneous Papers

You can also see the master index of everything I have written, on or off the web.

Computer Programs

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